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Kylie Jenner, 21, is a social media sensation and mom to one-year-old Stormi Webster. She is also a multi-millionaire celebrity whom fans look up to for the latest trends and fitness tips. While Kylie is not a gym freak like her other siblings, nonetheless, she maintains a healthy figure.
She recently shared a sneak peek of her everyday routine and diet plan with her fans and let out a whole lot of secrets. Kylie Jenner took to the social media platform, Instagram, to let her fans know what she likes to have for breakfast in the morning. She also revealed that she loves to go on a juice cleanse from time to time and like all of us, struggles to decide on a healthy breakfast option on some days.

Kylie shared this photograph of her everyday drink with which she starts her day. (And no, it is not coffee!)
Starting the day on a healthy note, Kylie drinks celery juice every single morning without fail. She also added that she likes to have celery because it is rich in nutrients like Vitamin K and folate. Celery, a green leafy vegetable protects your body from possible inflammation and weight gain.

Kylie also added that she makes sure to have the drink, a good 30 minutes before having her first meal of the day.

She then proceeded to share that she usually drinks coffee after a while, in which she adds a coconut milk supplement which keeps her skin and nails healthy.

Coming to the breakfast, Kylie mentioned that she struggles to make her breakfast on some days but from what we could see, she was having a healthy, wholesome breakfast consisting of eggs, avocado and bacon.

Kylie has been appreciated on various social media circles for embracing motherhood and her curves wholeheartedly. While she did go on record to say that she wanted to lose her post-pregnancy weight quickly, she did not do anything risky for the same.

Not a big fan of workout, Kylie believes in eating light and keeping her diet healthy. She prefers home cooked meals and often works out with her sisters. She likes her fitness regime to be fluid and practices a mix of HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training), cardio, running and swimming to strengthen her abs and stay fit. She mentioned in an interview that she wants to stay healthy and in a good shape to take care of Stormi.

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